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Naruto had become increasingly distant and cold to everyone even to his twin sister since he woke up from the coma. As far as Minato knew, Naruto used to be a sweet and bright child—something he and Kushina had failed to see at that time—but these days, he would hardly see a smile on Naruto's face. His son had become a shadow of his old self. Cold Blood By: Recoiled. Sasuke held off Haku just a little longer, meaning Naruto never used Kyubi's chakra against him. This small change causes Naruto to take a different lesson from the Land of Waves. If he wants to survive in the ninja world, he'll need to get serious. Features Hyoton Naruto, and eventual ANBU. "Pfft." Naruto snorted. "Kabuto, you of all people should know that wind attacks are useless against me." Moving his hands quickly, and in the opposing direction of the wind's spin, Naruto negated the strong wind blowing towards him. "After all, wind's my dominant affinity." "Tch." Kabuto cursed. "But I know your weakness, Naruto-chan." A few girls finally noticed Naruto and began crowding, swooning, and squealing at him. The said blond had a giant drop of sweat at their antics, but only gave them all a small smile. Even if he was quite cold and distant, he was still a kind-hearted person who would welcome someone walking at the path of light. ' Grr. The Cold uzumaki Chapter 1, a Dragon Ball Z + Naruto Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. By: TentailedJackalofDoom. Naruto is the rebirth of the cold race. Harem, main parining NarutoxInoxKurenai. Rated: Fiction T - English - Supernatural/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 22,712 - Reviews: 84 - Favs: 289 - Follows: 279 - Updated: Aug 24, 2015 ... Naruto After The War By: ManThisIsWeeby. Story follows Naruto after the 4th great ninja war and how his life unfolds because of it, Deals with relationships between everyone he knows and how he deals with his new found fame. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 27,837 - Reviews: 31 - …This ancient rock adorns King Tut's coffin and the Sistine Chapel. And at one time it was more precious than gold. What is it about this deep blue rock that has drawn us in for cen...Oct 29, 2010 ... And it wasn't just Hinata that Naruto had been cold with. He had shut himself off from almost everyone, save for Tsunade, and that was only ...yelled Naruto looking at four distinct places in the forest behind Tsunade. Tsunade gave a silent signal and the four named nins walked out and stood behind her. Naruto's eyes glistened, "so we meet once more," he said cheerfully. Sasuke scowled, Sakura and Hinata tensed, and Tsunade and Jiraiya remained … As a child, Naruto dealt with anger the best way he could--via revenge, screaming into pillows, and picking fights he couldn't win. Meeting the Nine Tailed fox introduces a new option for fun therapy. AKA the fic where Naruto meets the Nine Tails early and they can communicate--they just have nothing nice to say to each other. Warm Bugs, Cold Bugs - Warm bugs and cold bugs behave differently. Do this outdoor insect experiment so kids can see how weather changes effect insects. Advertisement As the temper...Yep this time we see Naruto's actual escape from Blood Prison along with Ryūzetsu joining him, with their savior also destroying the Box of Ultimate Bliss. We then see their savior is the revived and rejuvenated Madara Uchiha, who then tells them of how he's still alive and why he freed them, having learned the truth of what Black …Naruto was a 17-year-old boy forever burdened because of the Kyuubi sealed inside of him by the death god himself. He woke up in his mindscape 'Ugh where am I' he asked no one in particular, when he saw he was in his mindscape his first thought was 'Am I dead'. He then started thinking back on the events that led up until not your so call Hero By: justin game 44. The Leaf wants Naruto back. His parents and twin sister want him back. To be the hero who will save them. But he's no longer the person he was, he an owner of a rich company now. neglected, please leave reviews. Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Family - Naruto U., …There are lots of different cold and cough medicines, and they do different things. Learn about different remedies and when you should take them. Cold and cough medicines can help ...What to know about keeping your dog safe in cold, winter weather.The Hokage watched impassively as the ball of condensed air exploded from the boy's mouth. It fired along the projected line towards one of the the training post and collided with the wood. A grim satisfaction feeling him as he watched the wooden post become half a cloud of saw dust under the force of the ninjutsu.His spiky hair grew three times longer, and became more wild. With a last bit of strain, two wings… at least that's what it somewhat looked like sprouted out from his back. He looked back at Naruto, to find him right in front of him. He sent his fist out to punch…. They both punched each other with all their might.The Oncoming Tempest. Naruto/DxD. A Shinobi's Damnation. Screwed by his people his entire life and then sealed away by Shinto gods for defying his own fate and not being the hero, he was supposed to be. Many millennia had passed, and his legend spread throughout the annuls of time. After being freed …A 16 year old Naruto sighed as he looked at the ship in front of him. He had a worried look on his face because only he knew what was really going on. Some people had parts of the puzzle but not like him. For his entire life he had lived a lie and now it was time to come clean. Atasuki was destroyed.With a cast of eclectic characters the anime Naruto has captured fans around the world. So much so that spinoffs, movies, video games, and even novels have expanded the Naruto univ... Except one that is. Naruto Namikaze, the oldest child of the Yondaime Hokage. He sat in his room looking out his lone window. He watched his 'family' through interact happily, he felt his heart break slightly. Naruto himself stood at 3'6, he has spiky blonde hair and deep vibrant cerulean blue eyes. True Strength By: Guybrush007. Naruto's journey through life after his battle at the Valley of the End shows him just what it means to be truly strong in a world of shinobi, conspiracy, and good and evil. NaruxHina, other pairings, much battle and enough fluff to please.Naruto Namikaze the oldest son of the Yondaime Hokage sat in his room looking out his window to see the oh-so happy family if he could even call them that. Naruto himself was about 3'6 with Spiky blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He was ridiculously smart for his age. Even beating a couple of the Nara's in intelligence.05 Nov 2023. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Uzumaki Naruto. Uzumaki Kushina. Namikaze Minato. Uzumaki Menma. Jiraiya (Naruto) Tsunade (Naruto) … Naruto's saliva got stuck on his throat as he continued t watch the scen unfold. No. he thought with dreed. 'Give it to me Sasuke.' she practicly begged for him. Sasuke gave a single glance to the open door where he caught Naruto's eyes watching their naked forms'. He smirked, and mouthed a few words that Naruto caught. Chapter One. Naruto wanted to cry. He wanted to cry real badly. His eyes stung and his mind spun around. He was not sure the tears, if they would come, would be of sorrow or anger. They had betrayed him. All of them. Konoha had betrayed him, they had sided against him. All of them. The Return: Naruto's Struggle By: Dark-Phoenix-03. Naruto leaves Konoha after being blamed for Madara's attack since Akatsuki was after him. He stays in seclusion until 7 years after the Fourth Ninja War when Tsunade seeks him out, because without him, Konoha might fall, but he's not the same. He's dealt with hatred, but …Oct 1, 2023 ... The Sound Ninja looked to her blond teammate nervously. In the next moment, the chakra was gone from the area, everyone was able to breathe ...Re: Naruto: Advent of the Flash By: randomfandom001. Tsunade adopts Naruto after Kushina abandons him, and leaves the village with her. He has no Bijuu Chakra as it was sealed in his siblings, while he got the demon's soul. Naruto grows up to be a strong shinobi like his father, now with Tobirama's water affinity, training from …Cold Hearted By: FieryKnight6241. Hated by his community from day one. Recruited by Danzo at age seven. Jounin level at age 10. Naruto is not the normal genin. He is a jinchuuriki. Destined to be hated and feared by all around him. Created to be used as a weapon. Naruto must fight and win against powerful enemies to prove …A Son Forgotten - Hiatus By: DomYang. Born as the oldest, as the child of prophecy, and born with the potential to become great. A child grows from being forgotten to a legend, without the love or warmth of a family, but with courage and power not seen since the time of the Rikudō Sennin, the courage and power of a …Really imaginative huh :p I'm thinking about a name right now, maybe I'm having one soon. Then start reading guys and I hope you like it. Chapter 1: The beginning. It was early morgning in Konoha and the sun was just beginning to rise. Most of the villagers were still asleep and would be for quite some time. Nara Shikamaru, heir to the Nara clan and major slacker. Akimichi Chōji, heir to the Akimichi clan and Shikamaru's best friend. Inuzuka Kiba, heir to the Inuzuka and a loud mouth. Hyuuga Hinata, heiress to the Hyuuga clan and a total coward. ' How she will be a clan head is beyond me' thought Naruto as he continued surveying the class. She left the "threat" in the air while giving him a mild glare. Naruto chuckles and nods his head while he pats each on his siblings on their heads while smiling. Yayoi, Menma and even Mito all enjoyed the embrace, knowing how rare it is for their brother to do open displays of affection like this.Rewritten Chapter 1: Departure. Naruto ran as fast as he could, tears streaming down his face, sobs escaping him every few seconds. All he'd ever wanted was to be respected, to become Hokage and to be acknowledged by the villagers, but it seems that it just wasn't meant to be. 'Stupid Konoha, stupid villagers.Three whisker marks on light tanned skin, and soft warm to his lips. His eyes show compassion, wisdom, strength, Courage, kindness, and warmth in them. Naruto had the look of a man who seen thousands of battles, wisdom beyond what most understand, and an inner strength that can not be crushed and or destroyed.Kyuubi has always talked to naruto about removing the mask but naruto refused. Now seems like a good time to stop playing the fool and take his role as a ninja seriously. He arrived at home and activated the security seals so he could be alone. He then released the henge he had on himself dispelling the image of the orange … The lazy ninja just nodded and disappeared in a poof. Sasuke sat heavily on his chair. He could not find one reason why Naruto was acting the way he was. The stupid blonde always seemed to be happy and outgoing. Something horrible must've happened to him for him to change in such a drastic way´ he thought. TBC. Naruto had become increasingly distant and cold to everyone even to his twin sister since he woke up from the coma. As far as Minato knew, Naruto used to be a sweet and bright child—something he and Kushina had failed to see at that time—but these days, he would hardly see a smile on Naruto's face. His son had become a shadow of his old self. Anime/Manga Naruto. Starting from ScratchBy: Mod Soul 792. For Naruto, life has always been hard, nothing came free. When the last person keeping Naruto in Konoha broke their bond, Naruto frees himself from the chains that he once called bonds, and starts new ones.Deciding to keep Naruto for herself should the others get their hands on him, she gave him a necklass which was that of a wolf's tooth. But it was imbued with the power to fend off other potential mates. Except for Ahri. The next was Kurenai. When he was young, Kurenai was feeling down in the dumps about her family.Happiness Lost, Rage Awakened. Summary: For 11 years Naruto has had to deal with the hatred of the villagers of Konoha. And then, on his 12th birthday, all that would stop and his kindness would die and only his rage and anger would be there. Stronger, faster, smarter Dark Naruto with a bloodline. Stronger, faster, more …The half giant boomed and all the boats started moving in tandem with their huge guide's one. "Su Li, from the ancient and noble house of Li, the pleasure is mine." The Asian girl said smiling. He wasn't in mood to entertain them but since they stared at him, he spoke out his name, "Harry".The gates of hell were opened. Both Kushina and Minato started yelling at Naruto so loud the party downstairs stopped. Everyone present bore witness to one of the harshest verbal lashings ever given to anyone, let alone a 5-year-old. They accused Naruto of being jealous a brat, just being an all-around …A new survey shows 70% of parents use unscientific means to try and protect their kids from the common cold. A vast majority of American parents employ useless methods, many of the...It had been three years since the kyuubi was sealed and they started seeing him as the fox. Even if he was Naruto, he was no longer their son. They were snapped out of their thoughts when they heard something shattering. They turned to see Naruto picking up a cheap clay clown figure broken.Everyone flinched by this and looked at him with fear Naruto uzumaki was a cold blooded kid you didn't want to mess with if you want to live he killed a lot of villagers and people on the civilian council and he shows no mercy to anyone. Iruka:" -ahem- Well yesNaruto crossed his arms under his cloak, then there was a puff of smoke. Where Naruto once stood, there was now a perfect copy of the Hokage, but with one difference: the eyes. The cold, unfeeling eyes. It wasn't right for the Hokage to have them, and it creeped everyone out to no end. "A-Alright, Naruto, dispel the Henge." Iruka shuddered. We’ve got the science behind whether vitamin C can prevent a cold o Naruto had ordered 5 bowls of miso with extra pork, and scarfed Naruto sighed as he got ready to reveal one of his largest secrets, not as large as his heritage or his connection with Itachi, but still very important. He couldn't, wouldn't lie to her anymore. He refused to do it for something that he shouldn't even care about. "The Yondaime sealed the Kyuubi into me," he told her.Rather than Naruto trying to get the love and admiration of people who openly dislike him, he distances himself from them emotionally. He can still have fun and be friendly with people he's on good terms with but makes it a point to minimize his interactions with everyone else. Naruto. So Cold By: Saito namikaze. Naruto ha Naruto had been found half frozen from the cold and little more than skin and bones. It had been a miracle he was alive when the Hokage found him. When he had first seen the boy in the hospital the silver haired jonin thought he was actually dead and, after spending about an hour just staring at his weak form, the Hokage had called … Naruto's Darkness Part 2 Cold And Distant. A/N: Here is chapter 2 hope you liked chapter 1 if not oh well can't please everyone well here is more hope you enjoy. Kyūbi Talking/Jutsu's 'Naruto Talking to Kyūbi/Sakura Talking to Inner Self' Inner Thoughts. Inner Sakura. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto just this story The Sandaime sat wearily in his chair at the Hokage tower. I...

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Naruto and Naruko were both shocked to find a tall blonde man who shared similar facial appeara...


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The lazy ninja just nodded and disappeared in a poof. Sasuke sat heavily on his chair. He could not find ...


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Glancing over his shoulder, Naruto couldn't help but frown as four more figures came to a s...


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Apr 28, 2023 ... Hello everyone it's nice to meet you all. This story right here is inspired by the work of a magnific...


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7. Zach8920 •. Naruto Shippuden features a godlike Naruto. 500 episodes long! 11. Wassa110 •. Loved it....

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